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doing my paperwork...shhh...don't tell anyone i'm on livejournal. haha.

i had a purpose of comin on here but i forgot it already. dammit.

seanna came up here/down here yesterday. LoL. such a funny broad! awww!! bought myself into a little hole on south street. i think i'm gonna go return some stuff...even though i don't even know where some of the money even went. and I SWEAR! if i see Floetry one more time...LMAO. but i always see one but not the other but this time i saw them both in agent! they looked great, cuz i guess i'm used to seeing them skinny now LoL. they probably think i'm stalking them except that they wouldn't know from a pile of dirt! haha. but I think they are stalking ME. its possible you know....

semester's almost over. so near yet so far....
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