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ya see...

when i recognize negative energy around me, I attempt to free myself from it. There is no need to subject myself to such negativity...I have been "spiritually warned" about such things. Therefore, I choose not to deal with it...which is where some faults may began to emerge because I just don't want to deal with bad stuff even if it is reality. But the good part is when I can remain positive even when things aren't going so well, and I can choose to avoid bad situations that will only weigh down my soul. So there.

In other news, I saw this good movie yesterday called The Quiet American. It was rather entertaining. It was a film about Vietnam...well not really, cuz of course they made it about some random white men in Vietnam but I still liked it. I think it was telling some type of introduction to the Vietnam war. And no it wasn't on the Sundance Channel! Not ALL the movies I watch in life are from there...LoL

I miss dancing.

I feel like watching Roswell.

Speaking of which, I feel the need to go somewhere hot and sunny. Maybe because I just finished watching 50 First Dates and it was in Hawaii. Which I'm thinking will be my vacation destination for graduation! Hopefully...or unless I change my mind. I can't believe I'll be out of college in a year...where did time go? I can't take it! And I did go to my grad review on Thursday. It was pretty pointless because I already knew what I would need to take. But whatever...just had to make sure. Oh and someone should really remind me to take that library skills.

I've been going to the gym most mornings and I think I've lost an inch or two in my waist. And of course my lower half..the last part of me to gain weight and the first to go. I mean my breasts and gut have been here forever...haven't they realized that they've outlived their stay?! So I guess I'll just keep at it and actually eat even better than I attempt to do now.

Lynn Whitfield looks great (again) in this movie I'm watching. She's supposed to be a dance teacher...What happened to her in Cheetah Girls (LoL) and Head of State? She looked awful. Speaking of that movie and dance, my former dance teacher was in Head of State. That was funny...

I wanna cry I'm so bored. I need to regain my peace of mind.
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