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Romeo and Juliet is on...this is great. Yes, I am up doing nothing right now. LoL. well I'm actually trying to work on this paper, cuz then I think I'll go to the library and then to the gym for like 2 hours because I didn't go yesterday. So the semester's almost over...in about 2 weeks, I'll be a senior...yay! except not really "yay", because I have to sign for an LSAT course. Who told me I wanted to go to law school anyway?! my god! I feel like everyone is in "the dawn of the dead" and just walkin around going through the motions to get by. cuz we're all so damn busy and so frustrated with life! so therefore, i can't wait until the summer, not that it'll get that much better cuz I'll be working and going to school just like i am now. lol. why must i be so negative?!

yesterday i found our fat upstairs neighbor's keys on the ground outside. they were "kia" keys so I figured they were hers. I should have just kept em and stolen the car but then just parked it in the same parking lot everyday so she'd be like "how did my car get here?!" haha...j/k. i'm a nice person so i went upstairs and asked her if she had lost her keys and apparently she had. so good deed done.

yesterday was spring fling. people getting drunk in the middle of the day always amuses me. also, i had a nice weekend at home. well 2 days...got a chance to hang out with my mommy a bit, went to the club...which was cool but it just wasn't the same, but what can you do?! ah well...

i'll be going back again this weekend for the baby shower. can't wait!

ouch..i just cracked all the bones in my back.

i need some new clothes for my summer wardrobe along with a new body to put it in. LoL. i think i'll get to my work now and make an actual meaningful update later. we shall see...
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