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omg my mouth hurts so bad. my gums are swollen, there are too many damn teeth in my mouth and its so sore. this sucks horribly. and the dental surgeon is only there on tuesdays so thats even better!

i bought this homeless man a meal today. i always see him standing around, and sometimes he's looking through the trash and i hate it that people have to do that. and sometimes i'll be carrying some food with me but i haven't eaten anything and so i just take it up with me. but then half the time, i can't even finish it so that makes me feel even worse. so today i decided to buy him lunch. just asked him if he ate hot dogs cuz there was a hot dog stand nearby. first he hesitated then he shook his head yeah, and then said just with mustard (LMAO). so i said, you want something to drink too? he said, "some coffee...cream and sugar" Homeless ppl are so gangsta...you would think people who eat out of trash cans would take anything available. but i guess if you have the chance to actually choose what u want to eat, then you want to take advantage of the opportunity. makes sense. i guess beggars CAN be choosers. so i gave it to him and he said, thank you verrry much. and i said...sure, ur welcome! so that was great. if i can remember and afford it, i'll bring a couple extra dollars with me sometimes for him or something. he's nice. maybe he can be my new philly friend. lOl.

in other news...getting a new roommate?? sounds fun. poor B. i hope she's really got somewhere to stay and she'll be ok. change is always interesting. someone new to bother...hehehe...get on the good foot and start packin! LMAO.
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