♀*...RaHeL...*♀ (rahdiggah) wrote,

just came home from live 8. awwww it was so great. it was hot as shit and i almost passed out but thats ok! i didn't realize how many people were really there until i saw ben franklin parkway on MTV. i wasn't too far from the stage, which i also didn't realize until i saw where we were standing on tv. sure we could see the stage but it seemed so close but yet so far. LoL. and linkin park and jay-z were definitely the highlight of the show. omg there were so many people there. it was so crazy. the fire trucks came and were spraying their hoses from the air...it felt great!! these people were out there losin their damn minds but nobody got too rowdy. i was actually surprised. except those girls that slumped the shyt out of that poor asian girl. but oh well...

even though its not like any money or anything is going to actually go to Africa to help those starving, dying, and living that hard life.....
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