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So I have been neglecting this journal and it is not fair!

Its obviously 2006 and nothing has changed too drastically in my life. I'm starting my last semester of college on Tuesday! Finishing this whole thing is quite enticing. However, then of course you are expected to do something else with your life. I don't understand why I can't just be a professional bum.

I am still here. Chelle is still here. Philadelphia is still what it is! We celebrated 3 years on Tuesday (yay!) with some Italian Bistro, among other things. We also had a great weekend last week, which included Ishkabibbles, South Street, the movies (Wolf Creek...boooooo!), GameWorks, chillin with Sheedah and Alex, going to a small party and then Libations...which, suprisingly did not make me want to slit somebody's throat, perhaps even my own. haha. Oh and thanks to Sheedah, I have uncovered that I like to watch white lesbians dance at Sisters. haha. I don't know if it's unfortunate or fortunate that I didn't happen to see any mullets. all business in the front and a party in the back.
So anyway, we plan on having another wonderful weekend starting tomorrow.

I am hungry (I want cookies) and I wish that I was sleepy. And yes, I'm up AT HOME at 1 o'clock on a Friday night. So what! I like it like that! I was supposed to be working on my applications of course...but I didn't get very far now did I? Well, I have tomorrow and Sunday mornings. I work best in the mornings. I think?

You are a slut.

Ok that was random but I just felt like saying it! Goooooodnight!
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