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What Do You Want From Me?

What Do I Want From Myself?

16 December
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Greatness*Educated*Tolerant*Unprecedented*Revolutionizing*SocietalReject 2 [GET URS 2!]

||:weekends are for getaways:||
||:Loving you is easy:||
||:I AM A BOY! (not really people...):||
||:i am Feminine Energy:||
||:Yes i procastinate:||
||:Take me back 2 Africa for it holds the key to my heart & soul:||
||:Ignorance is by no means bliss:||
||:This tastes LiKe Grandma!!!!:||
||:Strong Black Woman...a pillar for myself and for those i *LoVe* but i cannot carry all of you! Not yet...:||

Life seems to get more complicated with every day. Its all so different. Growing up is harder than it seems. But i'm takin it all in stride.

~oh and a lotta the good stuff is friend's only...MUHAHAHAHAHA~

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